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Bid Dyed Natural cardboard

Cartoncini Naturali or Natural Cardboards are produced from 100% recycled fibers and mass - dyed by highly biodegradable inks.
The tangle of fibres give to the cardboard a soft and rough texture, really unique, the bright colours enhance their nice and natural look.

Cartoncini Naturali are ideals for all converting technics, with wonderful result in embossing or stamping, have a good stiffness and are suitable for offset printing.

Cartoncini Naturali can be produced in class M1, as flame retardant paperboards.

Blaue Engel Certified.

Standard thickness
0,5 – 0,7 – 1,0 mm unplied,
1,4 – 2,0 - 3,0 mm as plied boards;

Standared sizes
140x115 cm and 70x115 cm.

Standard colours
black, dark blue, violet, emerald-green, olive-green, sapphire-blue, bordeaux, clay-brown, bougainvillee, ochre-yellow, sand, white, chocolate, orange


Bid Dyed Recycled Cardboards

Standard size 70x115 cm